CPVC- CHLORINATED POLY VINYL CHLORIDE piping system is characterized by high temperature service up to 200 F. it is highly recommended in applications / industries like dyeing units, textile units, paper manufacturing units, oil & gas, leather tanneries, etc.

As with all thermoplastic piping systems, CPVC’s ability to withstand pressure varies with pipe diameter, wall thickness, and temperature. For pressure piping applications it is recommended for temperatures high as 200 F when appropriate temperature de- rating factors are applied.

As the pipe diameter and temperature increases, the pressure rating of the product decreases. For example, 1/2” Schedule 80 CPVC pipe is engineered for continuous service of 850 psi @ 73 F (23 C). The same pipe in service @ 180 F (82 C) carries a maximum working pressure rating of 210 psi at this temperature. 6 “Schedule 80 CPVC pipe in designed for 270 psi @ 73 F, and 54 psi @ 200 F.

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