H .D. P. E PIPING SYSTEMS PE 100- PN10 & PN 16

We offer most comprehensive solutions of injection molded HDPE - 100 fittings for water and gas application. We have exclusive agreements with M/S NTG PLASTIK/TURKEY for import, sale & distribution for the territory of Pakistan.

Our offering includes

HDPE- 100 INJECTION MOLDED FLANGE ADOPTORS                                       20MM - 1200MM

HDPE- 100 INJECTION MOLDED BUTT FUSION FITTINGS                                  20MM - 315 MM

HDPE- 100 ELECTROFUSION COUPLERS & TAPPING SADDLES                         20MM - 315MM

HDPE- 100 FABRICADET FITTINGS                                                                355MM - 1200MM

Hdpe Pipe HDPE Double Wall Tee Equal Spigot Flange Adaptor Spigot
90 Elbow Spigot Flange--PP With Steel Core Pee-Brass Transition Fittings (water) End Cap Spigot
PE-Steel Transition Fitting 45 Elbow Spigot Tee Reduced Spigot Reducer Spigot


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